What is an example of an addiction?

While these are the most common types of behavioral addictions, compulsive theft (kleptomania), love and relationship addiction, overwork, compulsive skin and hair, and excessive use of television and exercise are also included as behavioral addictions. Are you constantly breaking your odds? Of all behavioral addictions, gambling addiction is the most similar to drug and alcohol addiction. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) classifies gaming disorder as an addictive disorder. Studies show that gambling addictions illuminate the same areas of the brain as drug addictions, and treatment for gambling disorder is generally included in the same type of therapeutic settings as drug and alcohol abuse.

Can't you keep your hands off that game console? Research shows that video game addiction is more common in boys and men, and one study even found that up to 1 in 10 video game players between the ages of 8 and 18 are out-of-control players (and games are starting to look more like reality than fantasy). If you're addicted to video games, treatments include counseling and behavior modification. Addiction generally involves the inability to control substance use or specific behaviors. This can lead to job loss, health problems and relationship problems, among other things.

Most people associate addiction with tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. A non-substance addiction includes things like gambling, risky sex, food, the Internet, mobile devices, and shopping. They are sometimes referred to as behavioral addictions. When a person engages in these behaviors excessively and can't stop them, it becomes an addiction.

All addictions can interfere with your work and personal life. It can even put you in unsafe situations. Non-substance addictions can cause physical, emotional and financial harm. Some can cause other disorders and substance addictions.

This includes depression, alcohol, drugs, and suicide.

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