How To Run Faster: Tried-And-Tested Advice From An Elite Athlete

There is, unfortunately, no magic trick that will make you run faster. As with almost everything, it takes time and diligent practice to get better at running. It also requires a considered approach to make sure the work you’re putting in is productive. Mara Yamauchi knows a lot about running fast. Yamauchi finished sixth in […]

Intimate partner violence linked with self-harm, suicidality in both men and women

Published in The Lancet Psychiatry, a new study is the first to show that intimate partner violence (IPV) is strongly associated with self-harm and suicidality in both men and women, and across all ages in England. While IPV is a recognized risk factor for psychiatric disorders, there had previously been little evidence on IPV and […]

Bros Basics: Barbell/Dumbbell Rows | The Art of Manliness

Welcome back to Bro Basics, a series that covers exercises that are popular and can be useful but are often done inadequately and solely for aesthetics and shows the exercises’ broader function and how to perform them correctly.  In our last edition of Bro Basics, we covered a popular back exercise done with a machine: […]

Ask a Health Coach: Intuitive Eating vs. Primal Eating

Hey folks, Board-Certified Health Coach Chloe Maleski is here to answer your questions about intuitive eating. Wondering what intuitive eating is and whether it’s Primal? We’re here with guidance and support! Have a question you’d like to ask our health coaches? Leave it below in the comments or over in the Mark’s Daily Apple Facebook […]

Male Pill Vs. Vasectomies – Men’s Sexual Doctor Los Angeles

Wondering if there’ll ever be a “little pink pill” for male oral contraception (Courtesy Unsplash) I know you’re wondering: What’s up with the male pill? Exactly where are we with male contraceptives other than condoms or vasectomy? Well, it’s a good time to ask as it’s now very clear that the desire for alternatives to […]

The Best Gifts For Runners

Sometimes knowing a keen runner can be a bit of a drag. Generally those times arise in the build-up to a big race when all they’ll talk about is that race, especially if it’s the full 42.2km and maranoia has set in. At other times, however, it’s a real blessing. Those times include any occasion […]

The microbiome plays a vital role in a healthy diet

Diet-related chronic diseases are now considered a global pandemic. Thus, promoting better health amongst populations necessitates curtailing faulty and deleterious dietary patterns and evidence-based recommendations. The human gut microbiota plays a crucial part in modulating chronic diseases and the expression of the physiological effects of diet. A recent Cell Host & Microbe study discusses the […]

How to Recreate a Fat-Burning Orangetheory Workout at Your Local Gym

Orangetheory’s cosmic success hasn’t burned out since 2010. That’s because its research-minded approach to fitness actually works. It’s all about heart rate-based interval training. When you spend 12 or more minutes of an hour-long class in orange or red zones (see chart below), muscles’ need for oxygen skyrockets. Your body answers by oxidizing carbs and […]